Air travel will be made affordable-Ultra Basic Economy

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June 26, 2019

Written by Shreya Sharma

Budget airlines such as Europe’s Ryanair may soon install ‘Ultra Basic Economy’. These seats known as saddle seats or standing seats will help the airlines squeeze in more passengers. It will benefit the people who could now afford comfortable air travel at pocket-friendly prices. The first example of a “stand-up” plane seat named SkyRider 3.0 was presented by Aviointeriors at the Paris Air Show, this June.

These new seats allow a leg space of 23 inches, which is 7 inches less than a standard Economy seat. Since these seats are angled at a height, it is likely that tall or old-aged passengers, who feel uncomfortable and otherwise complain of cramped leg space and knee ache on Economy flights, might have a better time flying. A knee cut-out provides another precious few inches of legroom. Your legs would hang off the saddle as if you were riding a horse. It will prove to be a bane if we think of shorter flight duration and paying lesser money for the tickets. However, if you are a short person, there is a possibility that your feet won’t touch the ground and they will be left hanging in the air, which might be painful.

Upon installation, these seats are also going to offer storage space that includes a hook to hang your handbag or jacket and a shelf for the carry-on bag.

Thus, standing on a flight may be the future!


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