Flight Delayed? Here is the list of things that you can do.

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August 10, 2019

Flight Delayed? Don’t let minor speed bumps make your travel plans go sour. Know your rights as a flyer and you could navigate your way through the turbulence smoothly!

What to do when your flight is delayed?

  1. Hangry? Your airlines got you covered!

You are entitled to a free meal. If the flight has been delayed due to some fault that is in control of the airlines (like technical faults), you can get a free meal/ refreshments depending on the hours you have to wait.

  1. Ask the airline to accommodate you

If the flight has been delayed due to some fault that is in control of the airlines, you may get free accommodation. You can ask at the airline’s counter about their accommodation policy in case of delay/cancellation.

  1. Get a free airport shuttle

Relieve yourself and don’t fuss over taxi bookings. In some cases of flight cancellation or delay, free airport-hotel transfers are provided by the airlines.

  1. Read your credit card’s fine print

If you made the payment through your credit card, read the fine print. It may cover flight delays. Credit card travel insurances have limited benefits, but it doesn’t hurt to check before you lose all hope about the money refund.

  1. Stash your luggage

With several hours to kill, you have to entertain yourself! If you want to roam about the airport, get a luggage locker for yourself and store your luggage in it. Now the weight of all your hand carry is reduced to a single key.

  1. Phone a friend!

If you’re flying to or from Europe, the rights and regulations allow you two calls/telex/fax messages or send emails to anyone.

  1. Binge watch that shows or movie you never got the time for

Have some series on Netflix or Prime that you couldn’t find the time to watch at home? Pop-out the laptops and tablets because all Indian airports provide free wifi. Sit back and enjoy while your next flight gets ready for boarding.

  1. Hello duty-free shopping

If you have some extra money set aside for shopping, go bonkers! Most urban airports have vast shopping complexes with great deals on alcohol, perfumes, makeup and much more. Shop ‘til you drop. If you’re not up for a spending spree, a little window shopping cannot hurt, right?

  1. Not a shopper?

Don’t worry, a lot of airports have other attractions too. Take a moment to admire the art installations that are spread throughout the airport. Fun fact – Ahmedabad Airport has lifesize replicas of Gir lions, leopards and blackbucks. How cool is that?

  1. Unwind, relax.

Once you have done everything in your power to know the status of your flight and have nothing else to do but wait, find a quaint spot for yourself. Most airports are equipped with loungers and massage chairs. So sit back, sip something soothing and relax.

On a funny note, if you want to do nothing out of this, just sit and observe people. People-watching can turn out to be a pretty interesting activity. Watch the harassed parents of a toddler trying to explain to him that not all the candies are for sale, the teenagers glued to their phones, honeymooning couples nauseously in love and of course the other people watchers.

Haven’t received any compensation for delayed flights? You can submit, manage and escalate your complaint with us.

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With inputs from Nishtha Sethi

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