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August 21, 2019
flood insurance india 2019

Monsoon is back and so are the floods. With hundreds of lives lost every year, in this year’s flood, insurance companies took a major step towards bettering the situation. 2019’s monsoon floods in India have destroyed uncountable homes and properties, forsaking the livelihood of a vast majority stuck with no means to survive. In the account of the flood disaster, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) issued guidelines to make the filing of insurance claims easier.

How does IRDA make the filing of claims easy?

The IRDA has set certain guidelines to be followed by insurance companies:

  • Fast track claim settlement process.
  • Appoint Nodal Officers in flood-hit regions.
  • Give contact access to affected policyholders through toll-free numbers available 24*7.
  • Make a quick survey of the claims filed by flood victims and ensure all payments are handed out immediately.
  • Appoint surveyors to launch awareness camps in flood-hit areas.

How to file an insurance claim in flood-hit areas?

If the floods have affected you or your near ones, you must assess the damage and file your claim as soon as possible in order to avoid rejection due to the delayed filing. The more you delay, the more you increase the risk of getting the claim rejected.

As a policyholder, you must inform the insurance company about the loss immediately in writing or by calling on the toll-free number. Additionally, the Nodal Officers and other appointed personnel will help you in taking your claim forward.

If you were late to inform the insurer or were unable to file the claim in time you can still state the reason for delay. If the reason is genuine, given the condition of floods, most insurance companies will let you file a delayed claim.

What if you lose or misplace insurance documents in floods?

If you don’t have the policy documents, contact your insurer and they will help find you the policy. Most companies can find your policy details by submitting basic details such as your phone number, name, address. You don’t need to panic.

Here’s how can you donate for the flood relief fund

You can donate to the specific state’s Chief Minister’s relief fund – Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Bihar, Meghalaya. Moreover, if you want to donate for the flood relief fund there are many portals that allow making donations that reach straight to the people in need like PayTM. You can also send your donations through various NGOs.

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With inputs from Nishtha Sethi

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