A practical guide on how to complain to a travel agent

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September 13, 2019

The Indian tourism and hospitality industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in India. With that said, it also generates a lot of complaints. If you love to travel and often book your vacation through travel agencies, this might come in handy.

When can you complain to a travel agency in India?

Recently, a consumer forum in Mumbai ordered a travel firm to pay a compensation of Rs 1,75,000 for poor services to a consumer.

A travel agency is one that offers hotel booking, transport, sightseeing, etc for travellers.

Here’s a million-dollar tip – Once you are done planning your trip with the agency, buy travel insurance. We cannot stress enough how vital it is to have some form of protection while travelling.

Before the trip– Go through the details of the itinerary. Crosscheck all the reservations. It may sound tedious but it will save you from possible pitfalls. If something seems suspicious, clarify it immediately. It is always better to clear the air before leaving for a trip.

During the trip– Let’s put forward a few situations that can cause trouble during a trip.

  • You booked an all-inclusive trip, only to find out later that transfers are to be paid separately.
  • The travel agency forgot to book your connecting flight leaving you stranded.
  • The travel agency claimed to book a 4-star hotel, upon arrival you find a seedy hotel & claustrophobic rooms.

This can dampen your holiday mode! If this happens, your immediate option would be to arrange travel or accommodation yourself. Next, no matter how small the bill is, keep your paper trail intact- keep a record of the expenses you made over and above the payment you made to the travel agent. This will help you file for a claim with the agency or the insurance company later.

After the trip– Chances are your complaint won’t be resolved during your trip. After you’re back, follow up with the travel agency. Your complaint should be handled as quickly as possible. You may also deserve a refund for the problems you faced.

How to file a complaint against a travel agency?

  1. The easiest way is to call on the toll-free number of your travel agency. You can also call your travel agent to raise a complaint.
  2. If that fails and you find no redressal from the agency, you can file a case in the consumer forum. This may be tedious and financially exhausting. Make an informed choice before you decide to file a consumer case.
  3. Your best alternative to filing a complaint with a travel agency is to submit your issue via Resolver. Using our free tool, you’ll be able to escalate and manage your complaint effectively.

Have a complaint with a travel agent? Click here to know your rights.

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Written by Nishtha Sethi

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