Everything you need to know about the Tejas Express IRCTC

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October 10, 2019

Tejas Express offers an exclusive luggage pick and drop service to Lucknow bound passengers. Amongst many new features, Tejas offers free wi-fi to train passengers, onboard hospitality crew, and train delay compensation!

How much compensation can you claim from Tejas Express?

Train passengers will get a compensation of Rs 100 for a delay of an hour or more and that of Rs 250 for delay of more than two hours.

What is the ticket price of Tejas Express?

  • Tejas Express has the capacity to carry 758 passengers.
  • It will take 6 hours and 20 minutes to reach Lucknow from Delhi.
  • The ticket booking window opens 60 days in advance. Tejas Express does not offer a Tatkal ticket booking facility.
  • No subsidised fares or discounted prices are offered to the railway staff, senior citizens, sick patients, and students.

Ticket fare list of Tejas Express

Lucknow New Delhi AC chair car 1125
Lucknow New Delhi Executive chair car 2310
Lucknow Kanpur AC chair car 320
Lucknow Kanpur Executive chair car 630
Lucknow Ghaziabad AC chair car 1125
Lucknow Ghaziabad Executive chair car 2310
New Delhi Lucknow AC chair car 1280
New Delhi Lucknow Executive chair car 2450
New Delhi Kanpur AC chair car 1155
New Delhi Kanpur Executive chair car 2155

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Do the passengers get free food on Tejas Express?

  • Water bottles made of biodegradable packaging are served to passengers. Water is also available through RO on demand.
  • Commuters also get free tea and coffee through vending machines.

An AC chair car traveller has to pay Rs 185 to get a meal. Executive chair car passengers have to pay Rs 245. These fares are included in the ticket price. Moreover, while travelling to Lucknow, Rs 340 for AC chair car and Rs 385 for Executive chair car are charged for catering.

Other than that, regular cookies and lemonade are given to AC chair car passengers. Whereas, executive chair car travellers get premium cookies and flavoured Lassi. These refreshments are offered free of cost.

Additionally, IRCTC offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian breakfast options. The price of breakfast is included in the price of meals. Passengers are also served additional snacks and refreshments before the journey ends.

Tejas Express offers free travel insurance

IRCTC offers free travel insurance of Rs 25 lakh to the passengers. Moreover, it includes coverage of Rs 1 lakh against theft and robbery during the travel period of the passengers.

To file a claim, a passenger has to fill up a claim form with the insurance company in the link provided online. Additionally, a claim can be filed on the insurance company’s toll-free number or through the registered postal address. Finally, on the submission of the required documents, the insurance company will settle the claim within two to three days.

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