A practical guide on how to claim refund from Air India

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November 16, 2019

Air India Refund Recently, a Delhi bound Air India flight got delayed for more than 8 hours at Pune Airport. In addition to this, passengers were made to board and deboard the flight 4 times! The chaos caused serious inconvenience to 150 passengers- of which many missed their connecting flights.

As a passenger, this is nothing short of a nightmare. We want you to be well equipped in case an Air India flight delay ever happens to you, or if it has happened to you- read below to know how to file a complaint and get your refund.

How to get a refund from Air India after flight delay?

Air India makes it easy for passengers to file complaints and claim a refund. To successfully lodge a complaint, you should first approach the help desk situated at the airport. You’ll get the option to complain manually or electronically at these hubs.

In addition to this, you can call on any of Air India’s customer helpline numbers- 0124-2641407 / 020-26231407 / 1860 233 1407. This service is available 24*7. Another way of claiming a refund from Air India is to complain via Resolver. Here, you simply have to input the details of your complaint online. Resolver’s automated tool will forward your complaint to the concerned authorities within seconds. You’ll be able to manage, escalate and check the status of your complaint. This service is absolutely free of cost.

Moreover, you also get an option to complain through a feedback form available on the website. You will get a ‘unique reference number’ once you lodge a complaint through the website. You can use it to track the complaint.

Some other options for complaining to Air India are – A) Visit Air India’s Customer Service office located in your region, or B) request the staff on board to get you a feedback form. 

Finally, if all the given complaint modes give unsatisfactory resolution, you can further your issue to the Air India Nodal Officer, Mrs. Renu Golan. If you are unhappy with the result given by the Nodal Officer, you can escalate your matter to the Appellate Authority, Mr. Rishikant Singh, Deputy General Manager.

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How much time does it take to get a refund from Air India?

Air India allows a passenger to claim the refund within 15 months of purchasing the ticket. Your Air India complaint should be resolved within 21 working days unless more investigation is required. The airline should respond to your complaint within 3 days of receiving it.

You will receive your refund through the same source of payment you made the purchase with. But, if you paid in cash, you will get a cheque against it.

Air India should provide your refund immediately. In case of credit card payments, it may take up to 20 days for the refund to reflect in your account.

What are your rights against a delayed flight?

To safeguard the right of flyers, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has issued a ‘Passenger Charter’. This charter, in addition to the complaint resolution procedure offered by Air India, guarantees the right of refund or compensation to passengers in the case of flight delay.

  1. If you check-in on time, but Air India flight is delayed for 4 hours or more- you should get free meals and refreshments.
  2. If your domestic Air India flight is delayed for 6 hours or more- Air India should inform you at least 24 hours before departure. Additionally, you should get the option of an alternate flight departing within 6 hours or a full refund.
  3. If the Air India flight which was supposed to depart between 8 PM and 3 AM is delayed for more than 6 hours then passengers should be offered free hotel stay.

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