Consumer Hack: How to buy a FASTag online?

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December 02, 2019

All vehicles, private and commercial, must pay toll tax while traveling from one state to another. In order to save the time of the commuters, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has made FASTags mandatory. Through a FASTag, toll tax will be deducted automatically through a scanner installed at a FASTag lane. Therefore, four-wheeler drivers won’t be required to stop and pay toll tax in cash. This will enable electronic toll collection. You can buy FASTag online.

How to buy a FASTag online?

Till 1st December, one could get FASTags for free on POS (Point Of Sale) setup by NHAI. There are numerous POS located at toll plazas across the country. Now, you will have to pay around Rs 150 as a security deposit to buy a FASTag. The price of a FASTag differs from one bank to another. Certified banks are also selling FASTags at POS set up by them. For multiple cars, you should purchase multiple FASTags. Also, same bank account can be linked to different tags.

Once you buy a tag, you must activate it by downloading the My FASTag mobile app. You should enter the details of your vehicle in the app and link the tag with your bank account. The app also offers a mobile wallet that can be used to make toll payments. Alternatively, you can approach your bank to activate the tag.

Currently, Paytm is selling FASTags for Rs 100. In addition to this, Rs 250 has to be paid as a refundable security deposit and Rs 150 to maintain the minimum balance. For this, a user has to complete their KYC and upload photos of RC, and the vehicle registration number. Moreover, this tag can only be used on cars, vans, and jeeps. Keep in mind that you’ll get an activated tag from Paytm. However, no returns, replacement, and cancellations are allowed against an order placed for a FASTag card. You can call on Paytm’s toll-free FASTag customer helpline at 1800-102-6480 for further queries.

A FASTag wallet should be recharged at regular intervals. For this, several banks have tied up with the government and have created dedicated online top-up portals.

Recently, the deadline to get a FASTag was postponed to December 15, 2019, instead of the previous deadline – December 1st.

You must know that four-wheeler vehicles without FASTags will have to pay twice the amount of the regular toll.

Points to note

  • FASTags are prepaid and rechargeable
  • FASTag should be affixed in the middle of the windscreen of a four-wheeler
  • Toll payment will be made automatically
  • Toll tax will be deducted from the linked bank account or FASTag wallet
  • Tags have a lifetime validity and should be kept in a proper condition

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