Resolving insurance complaints in India

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November 15, 2021

Resolver India ( partnered with Insurance Samadhan to help consumers in India with their insurance claims. 

Insurance Samadhan — started in August 2018 by four co-founders, Shailesh Kumar, Deepak Bhuvneshwari Uniyal, Sanjay Aggarwal, and Shilpa Arora – has now 30-odd people in its core team including the co-founders. They help consumers frame their complaints better so that they can communicate with the insurance companies on facts rather than on emotions. The insure-tech firm has already resolved more than 14,000 insurance complaints of claim rejection, mis-selling, and fraud.

The company offers solutions to a range of insurance-linked issues from lapsed insurance policy, assistance in case settlement, delay in the claims process, claim recovery in case of insurance fraud, assistance to NRI’s in servicing their policies, and much more. One can also take assistance on regular servicing issues such as nominee change, address change, or issues with respect to legal hires. Say no to the stress of the paperwork. They can help you with applying your reimbursement for the pre and post hospitalisation claim as well.

Insurance Samadhan  does not take up just any case.They have a robust selection criterion to identify the genuine insurance complaints that deserve attention. 


They help you understand your rights on your insurance policy better so that you can take some guided strategic steps within the legal boundary to win your case against the insurance company. More often than not, the cases get resolved at the insurance company’s level itself, that is, at the insurer’s grievance redressal cell. If not, they will take you up to the next levels, that is, connecting with the insurance regulator IRDA, Ombudsman, and Consumer Court, in that order.

How does it work?

The first step is to register via their portal or on the phone. . The company understands that human touch is needed in grievance redressal. It cannot be all digital. Their customer executives call you to understand your case better in your regional language. They charge a one-time registration fee of Rs 500 (inclusive of GST) for all your life, general, and health policies. If your case gets resolved successfully, there will be a success fee. It is 12 percent of the amount received (plus 18% GST). For example, if you get Rs 1 lakh, the success fee will amount to Rs 12,000 + 18% GST.

Backed by people who know the in-and-out of the insurance industry, Insurance Samadhan will offer you a one-stop solution for all your insurance queries. 

To get started visit Insurance Samadhan to register with your claim.

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